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Wanting To Be Around Like Minds...

Updated: Oct 15, 2021

Many of us that are in nonprofit realize that we have to have a passion to help others. There are many times when we question why are we doing what we are doing and is what we are doing is helping anyone. It will make you say "I want to be working around like minded people."

I have said it several times...

So today as I was talking with my girlfriend and we were talking about our passions to help people. I realized the following, which motivated me and maybe it will motivate others. Let's look at Jesus; (I know I went there, right!!)he could have sat with "like minded people" that talked about how to make things better for them but they didn't need help. So he sat, eat and slept with those that were in need, or didn't have anything to eat. It was truly all about "being my brother's keeper." So if you think about it, you want to help the community but you put your resources or center in, lets say Buckhead instead of the Bankhead neighborhood where the people who need your resources or the center. What I am saying you will serve people who aren't like minded, shit most that you need to serve will not even know or admit that they are ready to receive your message or help.

I think that is where our (community servers/activists) frustration comes from.

I have put together programming and I know it is what the community needs but only a few will participate or attend the event. So what I have to say to myself is that I have to keep doing it because people wake up at different times.

You will also realize if you are an activist or a advocate. There is a difference. So til next time....

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