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Recently I have seen people say they cant be with just one person or they need more than one individual in a relationship. What has happened to monogamy?

Are you selfish if you want more than one individual in your life or are you selfish cause you only want one person??

Ummmm, I personal am not good at sharing. I dont like it and i hate doing it. Plus, I am an only child. So I am built different. Maybe those of you that want more than one individual are greedy... Plus, it is already hard being in a single relationship but you want to be with you and two femmes. And you think this is something you can handle... BULLSHIT. Someone is going to get shorted.

Why do I say this because someone is not going to get the attention they want or feel they desire from that individual everyday because you are sharing them with another woman. Plus, what about if you want to spend time with them and they have plans with the other woman, its her day. You are left out. Maybe you are invited to be with them both but they are going somewhere you dont like... now you dont want to be there and it will show.

Now this is interesting there are 5 types of monogamy in a relationship. Check this out: physical monogamy, social monogamy, financial monogamy, emotional monogamy, and activity monogamy

We all understand physical monogamy - that is touching only one body. Social monogamy is that to the world you are the other’s one and only. Even if you have physical relations with other people. In Victorian times, this was the basic rule. Just appear to be a pair to the outside world so as to not embarrass anyone. Marriages were about wealth and status. There wasn’t necessarily romantic love between the husband and wife, so whether they had affairs behind closed doors didn’t always matter so much. Financial monogamy is two people agree that they will share money with one another but not with anyone else. This is where financial monogamy comes in.

All couples must discuss their boundaries when it comes to finances at some point. Indeed financial issues are a main source of stress for all couples. So this is really important to get right. NOPE NOPE, I am not doing any of the one so far. If we arent doing it all monogamy then count me out.

Emotional Monogamy is when you and your partner agree to only have a strong emotional connection with one another. Okay I know many of us say we can fuck someone with no emotional attachment at all. Now this can be true but what isnt true is that you can continue and not get feelings... You might not express them but you will get them. Last one is Activity Monogamy, which is you are monogamous only when it comes to specific interests or hobbies.

Okay so at the end of the day, I am a selfish individual that wants someone to be only with me and no one else, for any reason. I wonder if there are others that feel this way. Is monogamy a dying relationship? I follow a femme that is with two studs. She is actually married to one of the studs and the other one is I guess the "other woman" Now they look all loving and great but there are times when you can look at that stud and see that she is not happy, well not completely. Now here is a good questions... Neither of her stud partners can be an ALPHA. Why you ask because we are territorial. Now that might be three Alpha in the same relationship... that wont work well. I think that if you are dating an Alpha you are probably less likely to want to add another player. Alpha individuals are a lot to deal with. These are just my random thoughts what are yours? I would love to hear from you.

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