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Old Studs v. Young Studs...WHY?

2021 um! These are actually not bad times. I say this because we are in the middle of the most important critcal time of change, slow but it is happening. Seriously! This is a possible rabbit hole I'm not going down today... Another time.

So as a stud/masculine female (I'm using "stud/masculine" because so many masculine females (young and older) no longer want to use the label "stud" due to how they have been treated by older studs.) I want to apologize on behalf of some of us older studs that "WE DO NOT CARE" how you dress, if you shake your ass or if you wear makeup daily. Let's think about this, less than 90 years ago women couldn't vote, hold a job or live with another women. 90 years... think about that. Now I know that by the time I came out the studs before me were wearing masculine female clothes and shoes. They wouldnt have dared walked up in their job in a men's suit or shoes. So I'm excited that these young studs can WEAR WHATEVER THEY LIKE. I heard an older stud just go str8 left on a stud because the stud was doing a tiktok dance and twerking. The older stud was like studs dont do that and you aint no stud if you shaking your ass. She continued to give more rules for studs. I was like when did we get rules to how you live you life and I live mine? when? Okay. STOP IT JUST STOP IT.

I'm involved in the Stud Model Project(great expereince); I'm bring this up because it is a room full of studs that are all different ages, vibes, backgrounds and much more. We have conversations about all topics, share our experiences, encourage each other during the shoot. The point is NO RULES! Now there are standards: you should open your woman's door, walking with a woman on the sideway you should be between her and the street ALL THE TIME...etc. These aren't rules, it's chivalry. Let's bring it back. As an older stud/masculine female I enjoy mentoring other studs. Most of the time I end up getting an education as well. I believe that studs need to mentor each other no matter the age. If I know something I have no problem sharing if it will help you reach your goals or bring happiness into your life, HELL Yeah I will share my information and experiences. I feel like that is our responsibility as a stud/masculine female. I support being mentored by a young stud because she can expose me to better ways to deal with things as well as I can share my experiences to help her know that there are always options to everything.

CHALLENGE TO ALL STUDS: If you see a stud (old or young) make an efford to speak, just say "hey" with good eye contact.

With that I'm off for more adventures, Hey my fellow studs/masculine females be good to each other until next time. PEACE

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