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This project will show African American Masculine Identified Gay females in a positive light within the LGBT Community, mainstream society, and among themselves. Often African American Masculine Gay females have been called “The Invisible Man” in reference to the book by Ralph Ellison when talking about Black women whether in healthcare, fashion, or even media due to their strong masculine presents.


vests and ties

 Suspenders and Bowties

If you want your crew looking

dapper during your wedding, then

bowties are a must. No matter

the color scheme of your wedding,

we have something for you.

Paired with suspenders or even

any of the items above, everyone will look ready for your wedding. These items are staples in anyone’s closet for a formal event – rest assured your gifts will go to good use and become conversation starters for events to come.


Masculine of Center Conference 2017:
Kai Brown & Mag Royal explain what Masculine of Center means to them.  Resharing from facebook I do not owe the rights to this video

#letsmentor social media campaign

Do you want to participate in the #letsmentor social media campaign?

Well, we are running this campaign all year. Real Bois Talk designed this project with Phase I which is the current social media campaign. 

To Participate:

1. complete the photo consent & release form 

2. email at your photo and your statement about mentoring or how you feel about the debate between the older and younger studs.

Photography consent & release form

Thanks for submitting!

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