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  1. Partnership Opportunities

    1. Committee Partners




  • Each selected organization should appointed representative based on their knowledgeable about or interested in the committee's area of activity.

  • Must have at least two members on a committee. Based on size of organization, they can join more than one committee.

  • Should make sure that your organization has participation at all LGBT Greek Weekend events.

  • Should have at least one representative present at all committee meeting (you can only miss 2 committee meeting before a fine or removal will take place)

  • Each organization must give full permission to use the organization’s crest or provide us with the graphic they want us to use if not the official crest.

  • Each organization must sign a non-compete/nondisclosure agreement



  • Public Relations/Communications/Social Media

    • Manage all communications, public relations functions and informational social media requirements of the Weekend to ensure two-way communication channels are functioning.

    • Other duties as assigned.


  • Logistics

    • The Logistics Committee is responsible for organizing volunteers, assigning hostess/ushers as needed for day of luncheon, monitoring ticket sales, and developing a ticket distribution mechanism for block ticket sales that will not restrict single purchase sales. The Logistics Committee assists with arrangements for vendors and speakers. The members ensure that the special requirements of any program participant are met. (e.g. dietary restrictions, handicap transportation, restricted accessibility, security).

    • Other duties as assigned.

  • Hospitality

    • Manages welcoming guests to their table and registration, help guests follow our COVID-19 guidelines during events.

    • Other duties as assigned.


  • Community Service Project

    • Decides which project will be the focus

    • Make sure that marketing is done and released in a timely manner

    • Make sure that each area of pick up or drop off is manned at each event during the weekend.

    • Other duties as assigned

  • Awards, Special Gifts & Speaker Engagement

    • Select awards for each category​

    • Select the speaker gifts and the gifts for attendees

    • Handle all special guests, seating and their needs

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